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If you are interested in one of the dogs listed on this page, please fill out our questionnaire or contact us. Pricing for these dogs is $1500 for puppy males, and $2000 for puppy females. Finished champions cost more :-)

Last updated December 12, 2016

- Males -

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Kristull W Litter

Kristull Ocean Tide
Renaissance Jett
Born January 19, 2016
Pretty Sable Brindle Males

Beautifully built, but oversized
MDR1 Clear
CEA Clear


Kristull X Male

Kristull Ocean Tide
UKC Ch. Gryffyn's Aeyrie Wild Heart (Stevie)

Born April, 2016

Lovely soft charcoal chinchilla male. Outgoing personality, available as an outstanding pet.


- Females -

Click on a dog's picture or name to see more pictures!

I am sorry that we don't have any females available right now, but there will be puppies available from the W litter. Most of them will be males as there were six boys and only three girls in the litter. Due April 21, is a repeat breeding of the V litter that the gold brindle puppy above is from.


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

8708 Grelle Lane
Austin, TX 78744

270-799-8970 (cell)

If you are interested in one of the dogs listed on this page, please fill out a questionnaire, and contact us. Our male puppies are typically $1000 and females are $1500.


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