Kristull Ranch, April 2007

Kristull Jjuno

These are the matriarchs of the yard, Lacey and Jjuno.
Jjuno and Lacey are both looking for retirement homes.

Jjuno is the mother of our recent World of Warcraft litter.
Her previous litter contained Denali who was the sire of our lovely P litter.

Kristull Lacey

For those who don't know what shoulders look like on a Borzoi, Lacey is a wonderful example. She also displays a very nicely sweeping rear. I often considered bringing her into the breed but she is closely related to Jjuno and Jjuno was already accepted in, so the fight to get her accepted while not really expanding the genetic diversity that much was just not worth it. Still she is a lovely example of Borzoi and even with her small size, I know that I could have easily finished her championship if I were still showing.

She also displays a good example of ticking marking -- the black dots on the white part of her coat -- from the nose to her toes.

Notice that Lacey has perfected the priceless Sighthound "nose in the mouth" routine with a quick dart under Chuck's arm.
Also in theis photo are Yogi, Top Gun, Lacey, Chuck, Night Elf and Kamlidor.

Lacey deserves to be retired to a home rather than being "just" a yard dog.

Kristull Tumultuous

Tazo is usually too close to get a photo of him. He prefers to be under your hand even when everybody else is playing.

Chuck with Lacey, Yogi and Tazo finally in the background

The much more typical location. These are Tazo, Yancy and Kamlidor.

Night Elf and Palidan

These guys go to their new homes at SilkenFest so they are just here having fun stealing the leash that we were trying to use. They are brothers from the WoW litter.

Kristull Kamlidor

Kamlidor is the brother that is still available. He is so easy going that I forget to notice how really sweet he is. Here he is helping Night Elf steal the leash and then watching as the others run off with it. He is also above with Chuck in the Lacey photos. He is available as a pet.


I can't believe that I don't remember what her registered name is. But Willow is also not available. She will stay at Kristull Ranch or with Sandra in Tennessee.

Kristull Yancy

Yancy is very busy.

Here he is taking a swipe at Willow because she is on a leash and he isn't.

Now isn't that an evil grin?

Yancy is four square sound, great balanced angles, darling personality and within standard. He is available to a show and/or breeding home.

Kristull Yogi Bear

Yogi is easily within standard. Here he is with Willow, a very small Borzoi.

Self stacked and perfection.

Yogi with his brother Yancy.

Yogi hoping to get petted by Chuck with Tazo in the background.

He can easily be shown, but don't let him tell you I am choking him. Just an awkward camera moment :-)

Yogi will run away with your heart.

Kristull Corona

Corona was actually available for a couple of years, but every time we went back to Texas, she ended up at Chuck's side. You can see why she will be staying here with us. Phoenix and Buck are aging, so Corona can help to take us into our 70's and beyond :-)

Missing from these photos are the other house dogs, Phoenix, Buck, Paloma, Lady Bug, Azshara, AzureSong and Kir, plus the cat, Mary.