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Kristull 2013 O Litter

Renaissance Blazing Kristull X Ch. Ricmar Kristull Blu Persuasion
April 6, 2013
Four Males and One Female

Oasis is a self charcoal chinchilla female at 10 months.

This side photo does not do her justice because of the shadow on the front legs. The chunk of hair on her shoulders makes her topline look downhill too, which she isn't. I'll get a better one when I get a chance. OK, the one below was taken a week before her one year birthday.

Original Sin O'Talisman. A soft grey chinchilla male

I can't put my foot there!

Of course you can :-)

Ocean Tide is a dilute cream brindle charcoal sable

The baby pictures were taken at about 5 weeks. I tried to get photos of them the week before, when I took the photos of the N litter, which is two weeks older, but they just collapsed in piles. This week, they were a bit more cooperative, but still not ready for offcial portraits :-)

Male 1. An Irish Marked Black with white trim
This puppy, named Santiago, is with his new family in Houston.

Male 3. Is silver brindle with white trim. It kept trying to rain and this little boy got wet, so his topline looks silly. Sort of reminds you of a drowned rat, huh?
"Ohso" went first to SilkenFest and then on to his home in Oregon.

Ohso at just under a year:


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

8708 Grelle Lane,
Austin, TX 78744

270-799-8970 Cell
512-547-5457 Home **

The black and white male was sold as a pet to Houston and is called Santiago. He is beautiful at a year.


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