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Kristull 2011 F Litter

Kristull Chance of the Game x Gryffyn's Aeyrie Wild Heart
April 9, 2011
Two Males and Two Females

Kristull Chance of the Game (sire)

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Wild Heart (Stevie) (dam)

The babies at about three weeks

Male 1. A soft charcoal gray, probably chinchilla factored

Male 2. A solid shiny black

The puppys' first trip outside in the jungle of the front yard.

The puppies at about 7 weeks the first of June 2011


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

/8708 Grelle Lane,
Austin TX 78744

** 270-799-8970 **

All of these puppies carry white with spots like their mother.


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