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Kristull 2011 E Litter

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Ricmar's Kristull Jackaranda x Kristull Encore
January 15, 2011
Two Males and Four Females

Ricmar's Kristull Jackaranda (sire)

Kristull Encore (dam)

Male 1. Blue/cream brindle Irish Marked.
Kristull Endeavor at 7 weeks.
He will steal your heart.

Male 2. Bright red brindle Irish Marked.
Kristull Eternal Fire at 7 weeks.
Let him light up your life.

Female 1. Charcoal brindle sable Irish Marked
Kristull Ermine at 7 weeks.
Plush and soft, just like she should be.

Female 2. Self Dark Sable brindle.
Kristull Egret at 7 weeks.
Elegant, small and feisty.

Female 3. Self Medium Sable brindle.
Kristull Ecstasy at 7 weeks.
Small, exuberant and striped. She will make a mark at whatever you want her to do.

Female 4. Self Gold Sable.
Kristull Erte at 7 weeks.
A dainty work of art.


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

729 Mercer Rd,
Bowling Green, KY 42101

** 270-777-0744 **

All of these puppies carry white with spots like their mother. The sable is a double recessive.


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