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Kristull Fallon x Kristull Impetuous
Born January 13, 2005

Kristull Unquenchable
Self brindle female, petite and pretty

Kristull Undeniably Simone
silver brindle female
- adopted by Paul and Karen Sanders -

Kristull Unbreakable, a.k.a. Bruce
extreme white male with pale gold brindle spots
- staying at Kristull -

Kristull Unforgiven
gold brindle male, very little brindling, small white blaze
- adopted -

Kristull Unusual
self brindle male, smaller, with white blaze on nose
- adopted -

Kristull Urchin
larger self-brindle male
- adopted by Dian Hunter -

self gold brindle male


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

8708 Grelle Lane,
Austin, Texas 78744

** 512-280-1892 **


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